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MSPs Offer Sound Advice On Preparing Your IT For COVID19’s Second Wave

COVID Second Wave
Clearly, it’s not safe to have everyone here at the same time; we would run the risk of everyone getting sick at the same time.

Is Data Analysis Disrupting The Legal Industry

Legal IT Services
Phillip Baumann with BoomTech IT specializes in Legal IT services in South Florida and he shares the following information.

IT Considerations to Make as You Prepare for COVID19’s Second Wave

COVID19 Second Wave
Discover important tactics and strategies to help your organization prepare for COVID19's second wave.

How has COVID-19 Changed the Cybersecurity Landscape?

COVID19 Cybersecurity
Discover how COVID19 has changed the cybersecurity landscape. Expert managed IT service providers offer up sound advice.

Outsourcing Your IT Services (Pros/Cons)

Outsourcing IT Services
Discover the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT services and IT support. Does hiring in-house IT staff or outsourcing make sense.

Webroot v. BitDefender

BitDefender Versus WebRoot
When it comes to virus protection, whether you're protecting your own devices or a customer's, you have plenty of options. Many MSPs go with industry-leader BitDefender, but WebRoot is another antivirus solution to consider.

Why MSPs Need to Look at SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliance Columbus
All organizations are concerned about information security, even those that outsource key business operations to Market Service Providers (MSPs). SOC 2 is an auditing procedure that demonstrates your MSPs commitment to the security and privacy of your clients.

Social Distancing Rules Totally Radically and Completely Alter MSP Industry

Social Distancing
Discover how two great IT leaders have effectively social distanced their businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Will COVID-19 End Traditional Onsite Systems Once A For All?

Onsite Computer Support
The point isn’t so much that COVID-19 drove a dagger through the heart of onsite systems. They were already in a death spiral and the pandemic just shined a spotlight on their limited effectiveness.

Stay At Home Employees Feel They Get More Work Done

Stay at home employees
It may come as something of a surprise, but employees who believe they are more productive commuting to brick-and-mortar workspaces have now entered the minority.