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Incredible Ways How Microsoft Teams Enhance Team’s Productivity and Collaboration

A considerable number of workers working remotely has been recorded over the last months across the universe. Companies are encouraging their employees to embrace the new working norm due to the pandemic facing the world.

How are the business leaders going to connect employees and improve production online? Virtual companies have turned to Microsoft Teams.

My team at in New Jersey share some insights.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an integrated collaboration and communication platform that brings together multiple tools to enhance efficient communication and teamwork. The communication tool has gained popularity over the recent months as more remote teams install it.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?

Here are several things you should know about Microsoft Teams:

  • The platform supports file storage, workplace chat, application integrations, and video meetings.
  • Microsoft Teams allow up to 10,000 virtual users to meet together conveniently and securely.
  • Microsoft Teams users can send files and messages privately or on the group page.
  • Users can access, edit, and share all Microsoft options such as Excel, Word, and Access documents in real-time.

How Will Microsoft Teams Boost Efficiency and Teamwork Among Your Workers?

The pandemic has not only affected the health of people across the world but also organizations’ operations. Social distancing forced many enterprises to close their outlets temporarily as they have limited floor space. However, this has not stopped the companies from operating and making returns as they moved their office functions online.

Maintaining productive collaboration and communication among team members is a challenge companies experience when working remotely. Workers lack a platform to share ideas casually with the online idea and, they can lose concentration and connection easily. Finding the exact alternate for physical proximity is nearly impossible. Nevertheless, Microsoft Teams provides a communication channel that boosts immediate communication, interaction, and intentional and casual collaboration.

Check out why Microsoft Teams are important to your employees:

  • Does Microsoft Teams Allow File Sharing? File sharing is a standard method in an office setting to exchange ideas. Applications like Microsoft Teams have special features that allow users to access documents from the file tab. All team members can download any document sent to the group. Team members can open a similar document simultaneously and from different locations and discuss it. The cloud capabilities of Microsoft Teams enable employees to access the platform from anywhere.
  • Does Microsoft Teams Enable Real-Time Video Conferencing and Messaging Microsoft Teams support real-time messaging where notifications and alerts sent are received on time. Team members and managers can easily send written posts to notify the other team members about an issue. The notification will be visible to every individual accessing the group proceeding. Video-conferencing is an excellent interaction method as you get to see your coworkers from miles away. Immediate response time leaves remote employees feeling motivated and productive as they look forward to the next virtual meeting.
  • How Does Microsoft Teams Enhance Unified Communication? Microsoft Teams create a central communication point for connected employees. Communicating new orders to various staff members will be easy with this online app. Workers use the channel to air their demands and discuss solutions with their colleagues. Hence they manage to retain their concentration while on work. Relying on other communication forms like phone calls and private messages can easily distract your employees. Microsoft Teams provides a similar and central communication channel for all workers to send and receive information.
  • Will Your Organization Benefit from Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams has features bundled together to enhance productivity and collaboration among workers. Businesses can tailor the Microsoft Teams to meet their needs and handle the range of activities carried out in your premise. Lastly, Microsoft Teams allow organizations to add essential services and applications in the channel to build a central hub for all staff.


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