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Kolos – The iPad Racing Wheel

The iPad, with all the technology put into it, is sometimes just relegated to being a video game console. And it does a good job

November 20, 2012 General, News
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iPieces Let iPad Games Get Physical

We’re loving this new twist that has come to iPad games: In the past, we could only play tablet games using simulated pieces displayed on

July 03, 2012 Editorials
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Microsoft Finally Builds Its Own Tablet

  For as long as most of us can remember, Microsoft’s PC has been the undoubted leader in desktop computers (yes, there were those early

June 18, 2012 Apple, Editorials, News, Products, Reviews
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Five Reasons Why I Use Google Chrome

Many new Mac users simply use Apple’s Safari web browser because it comes pre-loaded on their machine. Safari is all right, but I much prefer Google

March 25, 2012 Editorials, Rants
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Why I Stopped Using iTunes Match

When Apple announced iOS 5 and iCloud, they also introduced a cloud music service called iTunes Match. Since I am an Apple Developer, I got

March 25, 2012 Editorials, Rants

Zynga Buys Draw Something Creator OMGPOP For $180 Million

It was rumored that Zynga wanted to purchase the developers of Draw Something, but now it is official. Zynga has purchased OMGPOP for $180 million

March 21, 2012 General, News
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Zynga Wants To Purchase Draw Something Creator OMGPOP

If you pay any attention to the rankings for the iOS App Store and Google Play, you will notice that Draw Something is currently the

March 20, 2012 General, News
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PayPal’s iOS App Undergoes UI Overhaul

I just updated my PayPal app on my iPhone and I noticed that it looks completely different… PayPal has completely redesigned their iOS app to

March 16, 2012 General, News
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The New iPad Does Not Allow FaceTime Over 4G

Since the new iPad is being released in about two hours, I would like to point out that FaceTime is not supported over 4G LTE

March 15, 2012 Apple, News
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Tether Launches For $30 Per Year, an HTML 5 iPhone Tethering Service

When Apple declined the iPhone app called iTether in the App Store, the developers didn’t give up… They have created an HTML 5-based web app

March 10, 2012 News, Wireless
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