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How to Unlock an iPhone 5

Apple does not approve of jailbreaking and unlocking its products for understandable reasons.   Network operators are also able to charge more because of the phone

February 15, 2013 Apple, News, Tutorials
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Google Maps Back in Apple Store; Already No. 1

It didn’t take long for Google Maps to make its presence felt in its return to the Apple Store. After just several hours after it

December 13, 2012 Apple, Google
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The White House App: Updated And Opened to Developers

The White House has announced that it has released new versions of their White House application for both the iOS and Android, along with other

September 04, 2012 1 Tech Portal, News
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Face Off: Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad

While the Apple iPad continues to dominate the tablet computer industry with roughly 90% of the market share, it never runs out of challengers. One

July 23, 2012 Apple, Google, Products, Reviews
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Apple Brings Chunli Fu’s $10,000 Gift Card To Beijing

As the iOS App Store was nearing 25 billion downloads, Apple opened up a contest… The person who downloads the 25 billionth app from the

March 26, 2012 Apple, News
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Five Reasons Why I Use Google Chrome

Many new Mac users simply use Apple’s Safari web browser because it comes pre-loaded on their machine. Safari is all right, but I much prefer Google

March 25, 2012 Editorials, Rants

Zynga Buys Draw Something Creator OMGPOP For $180 Million

It was rumored that Zynga wanted to purchase the developers of Draw Something, but now it is official. Zynga has purchased OMGPOP for $180 million

March 21, 2012 General, News
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Zynga Wants To Purchase Draw Something Creator OMGPOP

If you pay any attention to the rankings for the iOS App Store and Google Play, you will notice that Draw Something is currently the

March 20, 2012 General, News

The U.S. Government Officially Chose Android To Replace BlackBerry Devices

The United States Government was contemplating switching from BlackBerry to Android as a standard platform. The government uses Windows as their desktop platform because of

February 05, 2012 Android, News
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