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Apple’s leaked memo announces “Big Plan” for 2014: iWatch and iPhone 6

The Apple headquarter is expected to announce iPhone 6 and iWatch soon, as an internal memo from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, indicates ‘Big Plans’ ahead for

December 25, 2013 Apple, Apple
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How to Unlock an iPhone 5

Apple does not approve of jailbreaking and unlocking its products for understandable reasons.   Network operators are also able to charge more because of the phone

February 15, 2013 Apple, News, Tutorials
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YouTube’s Capture App for Easy Recording and Sharing

At the prime of the video hosting arena, YouTube has just launched a pioneering app for recording and online sharing. Keeping up with the fast-paced

January 03, 2013 Apple, Facebook, General, News, Products, Reviews
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Google Maps Back in Apple Store; Already No. 1

It didn’t take long for Google Maps to make its presence felt in its return to the Apple Store. After just several hours after it

December 13, 2012 Apple, Google
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Three Solutions for Monitoring Your Home Remotely via a Mobile Device

Any home or business owner would likely enjoy the psychological comfort of knowing their property is 100 per cent secure. This, unfortunately, is something science

December 01, 2012 Advice, Android, Apple, Editorials, News
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Apple Seeks Ban for 8 Samsung Phones

Last week’s high-profile court trial in the trademark battle between Apple and Samsung ruled an Apple win over Samsung. Apple and Samsung were two of

August 27, 2012 Apple, Samsung
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Face Off: Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad

While the Apple iPad continues to dominate the tablet computer industry with roughly 90% of the market share, it never runs out of challengers. One

July 23, 2012 Apple, Google, Products, Reviews
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Next iPhone to Feature In-Cell Technology for a Thinner Screen

Laptops are getting smaller, tablets are getting slimmer, and the iPhone looks like it’s getting a thickness change as well. The current display of the

July 18, 2012 Apple, Rumors
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Siri Speaks More Languages, Works on iPad and Cars, in 2012

Siri, Apple’s voice operated digital assistant, certainly made waves when she first showed up in 2011. And she’s making waves anew in 2012. At the

June 11, 2012 Apple, News
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Apple Tells Us Why The New iPad Reaches 100% Battery Early

Apple’s new iPad has gotten lots of criticism since its launch just a few weeks ago… The name, overheating “problems”, and charging “malfunctions” have brought

March 27, 2012 Apple, News
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