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Apple Brings Chunli Fu’s $10,000 Gift Card To Beijing

As the iOS App Store was nearing 25 billion downloads, Apple opened up a contest… The person who downloads the 25 billionth app from the

March 26, 2012 Apple, News

Zynga Buys Draw Something Creator OMGPOP For $180 Million

It was rumored that Zynga wanted to purchase the developers of Draw Something, but now it is official. Zynga has purchased OMGPOP for $180 million

March 21, 2012 General, News
Android Apps 0

Study: Free Apps Use More Battery Life Than Paid Versions

According to a study done by Purdue University and Microsoft, free versions of apps (such as Draw Something Free) use more battery life than the

March 21, 2012 Android, Apple, News
Draw Something 0

Zynga Wants To Purchase Draw Something Creator OMGPOP

If you pay any attention to the rankings for the iOS App Store and Google Play, you will notice that Draw Something is currently the

March 20, 2012 General, News
Sparrow Push 0

Cydia Utility Adds Push Notifications To Sparrow Mail

When Sparrow Mail was announced for iOS, the developers did not include push notifications natively within the app. They said that adding push notifications would

March 19, 2012 Apple, News
myWOD App 0

myWOD Is The Best iOS CrossFit Workout Log App

If you like to work out and you have an iOS device, this is the app for you! myWOD is an app that keeps track

March 19, 2012 Reviews, Software
PayPal App 0

PayPal’s iOS App Undergoes UI Overhaul

I just updated my PayPal app on my iPhone and I noticed that it looks completely different… PayPal has completely redesigned their iOS app to

March 16, 2012 General, News
Tether 0

Tether Launches For $30 Per Year, an HTML 5 iPhone Tethering Service

When Apple declined the iPhone app called iTether in the App Store, the developers didn’t give up… They have created an HTML 5-based web app

March 10, 2012 News, Wireless

Review: Fishead Analytics (Google Analytics) For iPhone

If you have a website, you most likely have Google Analytics installed to track how much traffic you are receiving. The Google Analytics website is a

February 29, 2012 Reviews, Software

Apple’s Countdown To 25 Billion App Store Downloads

Similar to what Apple did with music downloads, they have a countdown on their website showing the amount of App Store downloads to date. In

February 18, 2012 Apple, News
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