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Four Ways to Turn HDTV into a Smart TV

Some consumers had just plugged in their HDTVs when Smart TVs with internet functionalities suddenly hit the market. The changing trends can get so frustrating

May 15, 2013 Tutorials
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Google Glass Video Tutorial Released

Though only a handful is able to afford it and utilize the wearable computer in their daily lives, Google deems it necessary to release its

May 06, 2013 Google, Tutorials
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Installing Windows 7 OS Using USB

In these times when people are constantly relying on their computers to stay connected with their personal and professional life, it is important to learn

April 08, 2013 Tutorials
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How to Unlock an iPhone 5

Apple does not approve of jailbreaking and unlocking its products for understandable reasons.   Network operators are also able to charge more because of the phone

February 15, 2013 Apple, News, Tutorials
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How To: Add Facebook Comments To a WordPress Website

In an effort to get more of the 1 Tech Portal community commenting, I have decided to enable the Facebook Social Plugin for comments on

March 23, 2012 Tutorials, WordPress
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How To: Add a Picture To Your Signature In Microsoft Outlook

Adding a signature to your email is simple, but if simply adding text is too boring for you, Microsoft Outlook allows you to add a

March 16, 2012 General, Tutorials
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How To: Take Screenshots With Android Device

If you’ve ever used an iOS device, you have probably noticed that taking screenshots is incredibly simple. On Android (with the exception of version 4.0),

March 08, 2012 Android, Tutorials
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How To: Root Almost Any Android Device With One Click

If you’ve been wanting to root your Android phone, our previous tutorial probably hasn’t helped much… Ever since Mega Upload has been taken down, many

March 08, 2012 Android, Tutorials

How To: Display HTML Or JavaScript Code On a Webpage

Many bloggers that create HTML or JavaScript tutorials need a way to display the code on their webpage without the web browser actually running that

February 12, 2012 Tutorials, Web Design

How To: Easily Generate A Sitemap For WordPress Blog

Many bloggers are looking for ways to further optimize their WordPress blog, but are running out of options. One thing that all blogs must have

February 11, 2012 Tutorials, WordPress
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