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Get Up and Going with Walk Up! Alarm Clock

If you are the type of person who can’t seem to get out of bed no matter how loud you’ve set your alarm then it

July 28, 2013 Apple, News
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Breakup Text App will Do the Dirty Work For You

Social media and texting can draw the bravery out of anyone when sending out an issue-sensitive message.  Status updates and blogs are effective venues for

July 26, 2013 News, Wireless
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Nokia’s 41-Megapixel Camera Phone

Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped with a staggering 41-megapixel camera, making it the highest pixelated image taker of all smartphones in the market. This is

July 24, 2013 News, Products
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Details of Rumored Sony i1 Leaked

It might be that Sony is cooking something for its mobile users if the photos and specifications that have been leaked online are anything but

July 22, 2013 Android, News, Products, Rumors
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Price of Surface RT Tablets Reduced by Microsoft up to 30 Percent

There have been plenty of commentaries tossed back and forth between watchers and pundits alike with regards to whether Microsoft’s Surface is doing hot or

July 19, 2013 News, Products
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Explore the World of Harry Potter on Google Maps

Are you feeling bummed out that you weren’t able to visit Hogwarts and get to meet Harry Potter? Have you even wondered what it would

July 17, 2013 Google, News
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Taking a Look at the Acer Aspire R7

Not everyone is really impressed with the way the Acer Aspire R7 is designed but it might be the next best thing in terms of

July 15, 2013 Products, Wireless
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Tips for the Android Newbie

Jellybean has brought in an incredibly smooth user interface and has been getting good reviews for it, aside from being an unrestricted operative system.  But

July 12, 2013 Android
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Yahoo Acquires Xobni for more than $30 Million

The news about Xobni being acquired by Yahoo for more than $30 million is actually quite true according to some inside reports as this company

July 10, 2013 News
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Zynga Names Xbox Head as CEO

It looks like troubled Zynga is seeking redemption by bringing into the development team the president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick.  He was

July 08, 2013 News
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