Tech enthusiasts are expecting a product launch from Google in the near future.  Rumors suggest that the next generation Nexus 7 is near completion which implies that it will be unveiled to the public soon.  The Asus-made tablet is touted to have a 1920 x 1200 display which is an improvement from last generation’s 1280 x 800.  Whereas the Nexus 7’s predecessor had 216 pixel density per inch, the new one will be clearer at 323 pixels per inch. The screen will still be at 7 inches and are speculated to be supplied by Japan Display Inc or the European AU Optronics.  There was web confusion on whether Asus or Quanta will be manufacturing Nexus 7 II.  But a purported chat with an Asus representative and a Google user implied that Asus is in charge of the manufacture. The Asus rep also dished out that the Nexus 7 II launch will be happening in July.

What else will Nexus 7 followers be expecting in the improved device? Gadget blogs are saying that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core CPU of the S4 Pro. It will come packed with 32 gigabytes of storage with a system memory of 2GB. The chat cam is at 1.2 megapixels while the rear camera is at 5 megapixels.  Just like its predecessor, it comes with various connectivity options including WiFi, LTE and Bluetooth.  The battery is mighty powerful at 4000mAh but it has to have an actual test to determine its run time. All that hardware will be operating the latest Android 4.3 Jellybean.

Meanwhile, the leaks about the specs is causing web buzz among techie geeks. A photo of the chat exchanges between a Google+ user and the Asus support rep is already all over the internet. Tech writers are feasting over the information that was inadvertently leaked.  Google has been very discreet about the next gen Nexus 7 which was revealed is actually called Asus K009.  This number refers to the model number of the Asus tablet and was further confirmed through US Federal Communications Commission and Bluetooth certification body.  Analysts are not so amused about all the secrecy and the sudden leaks of the specs. Some people think that it’s a kind of a marketing strategy to create hype for the product especially when Samsung has just announced that it is coming up with three tablets in July.

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