Some consumers had just plugged in their HDTVs when Smart TVs with internet functionalities suddenly hit the market. The changing trends can get so frustrating especially when you’ve used up your entire savings to be technologically updated.  But HDTV owners should stop fretting because there are innovative solutions.  Here are five ways to turn your dumb HDTV into a Smart TV without spending much.

  1. Connecting your PC to your HDTV is the most common solution.  If your PC doesn’t have an HDMI connection, you can easily purchase adapters that connect the TV to DVI ports for Mac books, or SCSI monitor for PCs.  This is essentially like using a bigger screen for your PC activities like watching internet streamed videos, personal movies and browsing your images.  It is also best for YouTube viewing and online gaming.  You can also plug a tablet instead of a PC.
  2. Gaming consoles, namely Xbox, PS3 and Nintendo Wii, are much more than just gaming gadgets.  PS3 has a wireless internet connectivity where you can view Netflix and access an eternity of online games.  Xbox and Nintendo also have these functions with a bit of differences and added features. The Wii U is likely headed to be a multimedia device, so watch out for the extra features that it may serve your not-so-Smart TV.
  3. The smart stick was produced especially for HDTVs.  These are easy to set up and it can detect Wifi connectivity minutes after the connection.  The cheap plug-in sticks may be packed with Android software whose interface is known for its ease in use.
  4. TV boxes are chunkier versions of the plug-in but they might just be more durable.  They sport known brands namely the LG Smart TV Upgrader, Sony’s Internet Box, Boxee, Apple TV, to name a few.  Some of these are able to show 3D content, enhancing viewing experience.  The boxes also have a remote control that allows you to browse the internet just as one would on a regular PC.  The dedicated boxes each have their own interface and limitations. Users simply feed in their Wifi password, and set up their accounts for Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and other subscriptions.  You just have to make sure that your HDMI ports are compatible to your TV and smart boxes. The good thing is different types are widely available.  The bad news is it could cost you up to $130.

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