Social media networks have defined the internet  generation.  Every person on earth, even babies and grandmothers, pets, and what-nots has a social media account.  While Facebook and Twitter has been getting the largest following, Instagram and Pinterest are not far behind.  Many question the differences as both are photo-sharing apps.  Much like Facebook and Twitter, the differences don’t lie much on the app, but on the community of users.  Preferences differ and those are offered in the features of the apps.  Let’s expound on some of their points to see the distinctness of each app.

  1. The quality of images is significantly different between Pinterest and Instagram.  Instagram users can only post photos through a smartphone, and therefore taken by a mobile cam.  Whatever editing done is also created with the phone apps.  Although Instagram galleries can be viewed through websites on any PC, there’s no option to post a photo.  Instagram galleries are for viewing purposes, liking and giving comments.  A lot of photos on Instagram are unfiltered, sometimes even really dim, with not so much grandeur but conveys a lot of message.  Pinterest’s photos, on the other hand, obviously has professional-photo finishes and they’re uploaded through PCs.  Enough said.
  2. Pinterest users have certain standards in their photos.  As Pinterest’s “about” page say, users dedicate their account to certain interests.  Photos are more like a blog of photos with a theme.  Instagram users can post a single photo at a time.  Most galleries are theme-less, and most users tend to portray their personalities rather than revolve around a single interest.  There are users, though, that stick to themes, like a surfing dude who only posts, er… surfing photos.
  3. Commenting on Instagram has evolved into friendly conversations.  Pinterest has quotes instead of comments.  Pinterest users have class, while Instagram users have pizazz.
  4. Unlimited hashtags are not a problem for Instagram.  Searching for topic-based photos are organized through hashtags.  Pinterest, however, frown upon hashtag flooding.  Photos can be re-pinned by other users.  In the Instagram community, users have to ask permission from the account holder to repost a photo.

Whichever program one adopts as their social network hub should not matter.  Instagram and Pinterest have a mountain of differences and it’s obvious on their interface.  One thing is for sure, Instagram and Pinterest represent a new wave of cultured social media hubs.  Their controlled and subtle environment is recommended even for the younger people because of their strict regulations about nudity, spamming and abusive photos.

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