Apple does not approve of jailbreaking and unlocking its products for understandable reasons.   Network operators are also able to charge more because of the phone hype.  As a user, the forced contract that may run for two years is heavy monthly expense.  Practical users have calculated the monthly charges and it turns out that people are actually buying the phone for 30 to 50% more than the original cost of the phone.  Besides, with the rise of apps that offer free internet calls, you don’t really consume the call time that you pay for.  Unlocking an iPhone 5 is your best solution for incredible savings but still have the latest Apple gadget.

Unlocking the iPhone 5 can be done in minutes as long as you have right software which can be downloaded for free.  Users realize that jailbreaking the phone is necessary before you can install the software for unlocking.  In iOS jailbreaking, limitations on using only Apple apps is lifted.  Jailbroken Apple gadgets can still use the App Store, iTunes and will retain its normal functions.   Here are the steps for jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone.

  1. First, download the jailbreak freeware to your PC.  Open the jailbreak app called Evasion, and then connect your iPhone 5 to your laptop.  Follow instructions until you have the passcode lock enabled.  Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and temporarily disable it in the General tab.
  2. On your computer, click the Jailbreak button in the Evasion window.  This will take some time as it has to download necessary jailbreak data.  After this process, you will see a jailbreak icon on your iPhone.  Tap it and the process will continue on your laptop.  The iPhone will reboot a couple of times, after which Cydia will be installed.  Once you have Cydia, you can now download the unlocking software to your iPhone 5.
  3. Remember that there are numerous softwares that can unlock the iPhone 5.  It’s best to investigate before deciding to use one.  The wrong software could leave you with a totally invalid phone.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the freeware, tap it and instructions will be shown. Follow it carefully and do not disturb your phone when the third party is working.  The phone may appear to be blanking but it is normal.
  5. When the unlocking has finished, you can now use a different sim card.

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