In the nine years that Facebook has been in the social hub limelight it has finally added the free voice call application.  Now users can make calls through Facebook for free using an iPhone or iPod Touch with a Wi-Fi connection. Critics are quick to discuss the no-fanfare launch of this new Facebook feature.  Having no announcements gave the suspicion that there was something bigger going on and that the free voice calls is a strategy.  Still, it might be just Facebook’s attempt to stay afloat. With SnapChat and other rising media services with unique and innovative ingredients, Mark Zuckerberg needed to add something new to the monotony of status updating and being bloated with “friends”.

Facebook has come a long way since its poking and stalking days but the free voice calls are not exactly a new thing on the internet.  There wasn’t an elaborate explanation for adding the voice call feature but Zuckerberg did explain how things will change.  Facebook admits to be able to track who you call and chat with.  This enables the popular hub to keep a record of your social life and who you actually interact with.  Facebook is going for the direction of having all kinds of communication tools possible, especially when everyone has access to cutting edge smartphones.  Facebook’s status posting, photo-sharing, chat messaging, gaming and now free phone calls– these can all be replaced with smartphone apps and features.  It’s not surprise that Zuckerberg is thinking of the next logical step for Facebook.

Facebook users had that nagging question about not having voice calls in the past considering it’s the most popular internet social media.  It’s not that Zuckerberg is slow to realize this feature.  Voice calls defeats the purpose of posting status updates and social hub what-nots.  For Facebook to worm itself into your smart phone, Zuckerberg had to give free voice calls a go even with Skype, Viber, Google Voice and hundreds free voice call apps already existing.  The Facebook chairman and CEO is known to have a thinking process that can look into the future of technology; and it seems that he is sensing the consumer shift from PC-based programs to smartphones apps.

Beefing up communications is not the only new thing with Facebook.  It also announced an upcoming search feature to pit against other search engines.  Facebook has constantly been pushing for new features applicable on the smartphone like the Facebook Camera, which has not been getting good response due to better rival apps.

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