At the prime of the video hosting arena, YouTube has just launched a pioneering app for recording and online sharing. Keeping up with the fast-paced world, YouTube speeds up the recording and sharing of cherished moments. The app is as simple as filming, enhancements and captioning, selecting the social network to share it, and send it with a touch of a button. How convenient is that? Now you have the chance to top Gangnam Style’s one billion views by a mere recording and sending from your iPhone.

It’s a free app that’s now available in the App Store. Android users need not feel left out. YouTube said that this version is on its way. After the download, the app will ask you to sign in with your Google Account. If you don’t have one yet, just sign up an e-mail account with Google. A Google account will allow users’ access to their own YouTube Channel where they can upload videos and made virtually available anytime, anywhere. It will also ask you for the social hubs that will also be posting links to your YouTube Channel every time you share a video. Simply fill in your Google+, Facebook and Twitter user IDs for instant sharing.

After the quick registration and set up process, you can now record and share. The app is ready to record once launched. When you hit stop, it will ask you if you want to share right away or keep the video private. But wait a minute. You still have the option of enhancing your video before sending it out to the world and getting the billion hits.

In capturing exciting impromptus, the footage can get really shaky. YouTube has a solution for that as the Capture App can detect unstable moments and automatically fixes it, along with the instant color correction function. Once that’s fixed, just choose your social network to help you debut your award-winning film, and then tap share. You can also opt not to broadcast if you don’t want the paparazzi in your private life by sharing only with your friends and family. Also, if you don’t want your mother to see your crazy death-defying stunts, Capture has a video trimming option that could save you a lot of parental nagging. You can even spice up your video with background music. With all these tools, there’s no mistaking that you could be the next YouTube sensation.

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