Apple has an amazing array of products that fit each lifestyle. A nagging Apple question from practical consumers is whether to get an iPod HD or an iPad Mini. Here’s a look at the specs of each item.

When it comes to size, both gadgets are ridiculously thin. The new iPod Touch 5G is 2.31 inches wide and 4.86 inches in height which can fit perfectly in a pocket. It’s almost weightless at 88 grams so joggers can fit it in a small belt bag. The iPad Mini is almost twice the width and height of the iPod HD and weighs 308 grams. It’s still considerably light but it can’t fit in a regular pocket unless you’re a kangaroo. The size and weight of it is clearly not for outdoor sports. You can’t attach it to a lace and wear it around your neck like what busy office workers do; because people will get weirded out, then there goes your social life.

On the inside, both are run by the same Apple A5 dual core processor and a modest 512MB RAM. The iPad Mini gets bit more at 1GHz while the iPod HD is only at 800MHz. But the performances are not drastically different. The Mini is offered at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB while the iPod Touch users will have the options of 32GB or 64GB. There’s no question that Apple was generous in storage capacity for both device but when it comes to connectivity, the iPod HD is limited to Wi-Fi while iPad Mini has cellular capacity. The Mini is obviously for indoor use because of its size and it confuses some consumers on why it has to have the cellular feature. Using the iPad Mini can be awkward at times, like when on a public transport and lurkers are able to spy on your email.

These two rival gadgets have the same 5MP rear and 1.2MP front cameras. When it comes to display, the iPod has the advantage with the retina technology. The iPod Touch HD is $30 less than the iPad Mini. Portability no doubt goes to iPod. The iPad Mini’s connectivity scores a bit over the iPod but when you’re in a Wi-Fi zone, the iPod is equally useful.

Gadgets and gizmos abound in this high tech era whereas people were just happy to have a single colored TV in the seventies. Defining what you need, especially when always on the go, should help in deciding which trustee gadget to get.

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