Any home or business owner would likely enjoy the psychological comfort of knowing their property is 100 per cent secure. This, unfortunately, is something science and technology have yet to figure out; however, what some of the most tech-savvy of you might already know is that monitoring your home or small business are now easier than ever before. Back in the day, when security surveillance cameras had just arrived onto the home security scene, one had to get a monitor panel installed in one’s home and survey all that was going on from there. This, at times, proved unfeasible, or required hiring extra staff, who had to be trusted with the actual monitoring. Not so anymore, as alarm systems, much like any other aspect of human existence, it seems, have gone mobile. These days, it’s increasingly easy to monitor an apartment, store, or home from a mobile device, either via an app or an integrated system from your security solutions provider.

• Android Apps
There are several monitoring apps for the Android system. A good free solution is Motion Detector Pro, which uses the phone’s built-in motion sensor and a special algorithm for detecting motion. When the algorithm is set off, the phone will automatically start recording whatever is going on in the area. M-Surveillance is also a free app, but it’s more of a freemium solution, since you need to pay for the app to get access to video—which can even be automatically uploaded to YouTube. The app will have the phone recording video automatically, upon reception of a text message from an especially designated phone number.

• Apple Apps
You can also use your iPhone or iPad to monitor your home or small company, be it a store or an office-based business venture. The AtHome Camera has the mobile device functioning as a surveillance cam, but with limited recording time for the free version. The paid version allows you to view and record images for as long as you want—and the best part is the phone won’t get overloaded with useless data, as the video gets streamed online. If you already have a surveillance system set up in your home and need to monitor it while out and about, the iCam Viewer app will let you observe up to eight different cameras at once, from any remote location.

• Security Solutions Provider
Nowadays, the top security companies help their clients monitor their home from afar, by providing them with integrated mobile systems for smartphones and/or tablets. Basically, what most companies will offer you is live online streaming of surveillance camera input. You can log onto the system from a smartphone, tablet, or remote PC and check out what’s going on in your home in real time. While some security experts have expressed their qualms over the efficiency of such systems, it is definitely true that they provide the homeowner or business manager with more peace of mind. At the same time, such systems are also more cost effective than paying someone at a professional security company do your monitoring for you. However, it is equally true that leaving the often delicate matter of surveillance (which requires quick thinking and the capacity to make nearly instant decisions) may be too much for the untrained non-professional.

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