It doesn’t take much time for a parent to panic once they realize that their child is missing. No matter how careful you may be, people with criminal intentions may not be stopped when it comes to doing their evil deeds. With an alarming number of cases of missing children each year, security in knowing where your child is at all times is becoming a major need.

Guardian Lion Wireless has developed the Leo GPS wristwatch precisely for this need – to be able to locate its wearer quickly.

Aside from the watch function, the Leo also has a GPS locator to tell you where your child is at all times. It can also function as a mobile phone, with a dedicated panic button that calls 911 when your child feels that he or she is in imminent danger.

The watch comes with a titanium strap that has the option of being locked. The lock comes with a tamper alert to let you know if someone is trying to take it off. The titanium strap isn’t easy to take off at all, requiring bolt cutters at the very least.

The Leo has its own Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, but its launch date is set for April 2013, regardless of the results of the Indiegogo campaign. It’s currently pre-selling for $149, with a retail price marked at $249.95.

“Leo is like having an entire OnStar system on your wrist,” says inventor Jason Sullivan, who created the watch to help protect his little sister. “We have toured several 911 call centers with their directors, which was met with very positive response.

The Leo will be a valuable tool for parents in protecting their children, with the product made primarily for those ages 6 to 12 years old. However, other beneficiaries to this device include outdoors junkies, people with conditions such as Alzheimer’s, and senior citizens that are kept under watch.


 Image credit: Guardian Lion

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