Amphibious vehicles have made appearances in the movies, allowing more than one hero to travel through land and water in pursuit of, or being pursued by, the bad guys. One of its most notable appearances was as James Bond’s vehicle, the amphibious Lotus Esprit. Those who’ve watched him zoom by in this vehicle has surely thought how cool it would be to own one.

The designers of Gibbs Sports Amphibians were probably part of those that thought the same. They took this idea and thought that they can also do this in real life – and so, the QuadSki was born.

The unique and extraordinarily cool QuadSki was revealed in Detroit. It is a single-seat ATV (all-terrain vehicle) that also has the ability to travel over water, which takes the term “all-terrain” up a notch.

Riders on the QuadSki can ride the vehicle from land into the water, where the QuadSki’s wheels fold up into the wells for what is assumed would be better hydro-dynamics.

The QuadSki is powered by a 1.3-liter four-cylinder motorcycle engine that was sourced from well-renowned automobile manufacturer BMW. It can go a respectable maximum speed of 45 mph on both land and water. However, the vehicle likely won’t fit in a pick-up bed or a roof rack, as it weighs 1,300 pounds and is 10.5 feet long.

Manufacturing and sales of the QuadSki begins next month, so those who are interested to own the once fictional vehicle will not have long to wait. The QuadSki will come in the colors of black, silver, yellow, red, and blue.

The price? There is no final figure out just yet, but Gibbs estimates that it would cost customers around $40,000 to own one. Its in a different price range than your regular ATV or Jet Ski for sure, but it isn’t a regular vehicle by any means anyway.

Image credit: Gibbs Sports Amphibians

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