Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung has released the Galaxy Beam, and users are clamoring to learn more about its quirkiest feature – a fully functional projector.

The smartphone is able to project what is on its screen through the pico projector that is located at the top of the phone. The digital light projector (DLP) inside the Galaxy Beam, which is made by Texas Instruments, projects 15 lumens of light and can display the images at a maximum of 50 inches wide at a resolution of 640×360 pixels. As with any kind of projector, normal or attached to a smartphone, the image is at its best quality when used in a dark environment, with the image projected onto a light surface.

Like a flashlight, it beams out the phone screen image with the simple press of a button on the phone’s right spine. Once the projector is activated, an app is activated that allows you to adjust the image’s focus or rotate the image. The “quick pad” can also be launched, which gives you the ability to annotate the projected image with a pen or move around a pointer.

The “visual presenter” feature allows you to use your phone to capture the image of documents and 3D objects and project them. The ambience mode lets you set an ambience by displaying an image with a background song of your own choosing for hours at a time.

Having a projector on a mobile phone is definitely cheaper and more convenient than buying and transporting a standalone projector. While the main application for this feature would be in business (to show presentations with the files that you can download into your phone), other applications include media projections (an impromptu movie, for instance) and logo/brand projections in events and concerts.

As a phone, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and has the standard features for text, email, and multimedia sending, music player, browser, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is Samsung’s third mobile phone project to feature a fully-functional projector. The first two, the Haptic Beam and the AMOLED Beam, were not released outside Asia.

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