The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been given the task of fighting terrorism, but lately, their searching and frisking policies have landed them in a number of controversies.

Well, maybe this device will help them continue to tighten and hone their security measures without getting into trouble. There’s a new kind of scanner available that can detect every single chemical substance that you might have on your body. (Conversely, it could also end up making them more invasive and perhaps land them in even more hot water.)

These “molecular scanners” are being produced by Genia Photonics. The device employs laser pulses at terrahertz speed. This hardware is able to detect even the smallest amounts of chemicals, biological or man-made, on the body.

The detection can be made even through windows, clothing, and many other organic materials. The company says that this scanner is 10 million times faster than any other scanner currently available. It is also (according to the company) a million times more sensitive, with millimeter wave-based detectors.

In real-world terms, this means that if you smoke marijuana before meeting this device, or shoot at a firing range, or have a fight with your husband or wife, this device can detect the drug, gun powder, or adrenaline on your body, even while you’re still in the parking lot. Who knows what will happen next?

The DHS is looking to install these scanners in airports, international borders, and interstate borders. They may even do so in other public locations such as shopping malls.

The device is easily portable. Each scan only takes picoseconds to complete and can be done so from a distance of 50 meters.

The DHS revealed that deployment for this new scanner is only one or two years away, so we can expect them to be around in 2013.

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