Many printed magazines such as Fitness, Macworld, and People are becoming obsolete and losing subscribers. Macworld magazines used to be the best way to keep up with in-depth news about Macs, iPhones, and Apple’s various other products. They are also filled with full-page advertisements showing accessories, iMac external batteries, and cool devices. I have been a Macworld subscriber for three years, but I don’t think I will be renewing my subscription. Magazines are definitely losing subscribers, but it’s not because of their digital versions.

With the launch of iOS 5 and Newsstand, it makes it easier for customers to purchase digital copies of Fitness and Macworld that will automatically be downloaded to their iOS device. These digital subscriptions are expensive and do not offer any extra features that the printed magazines do not. Apple’s Newsstand is not what is killing the magazine business.

What is really destroying the market for magazines is blogging. Large websites such as CNN and Fox News only talk about the corporate side of technology and the newest devices. Bloggers, such as myself, have the knowledge to go in-depth about different topics and provide daily news to readers. That’s not to say that people still don’t read Macworld or CNN, but blogs could eventually eliminate magazines.

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