About one week ago, I decided to jailbreak my phone. I have been against it, but I finally decided to do it for the flexibility. I really like the concept of jailbreaking my phone, but there are some parts that are annoying. The fact that I can have a custom “Slide To Unlock” message, custom carrier name, and reduced icon sizes is really cool. The most annoying, cluttered part about jailbreaking is Cydia, the jailbreak app store.

When you jailbreak your phone or tablet, you can use a variety of tools. I used redsn0w (tutorial here) and it was very simple. Just a few clicks of my mouse and my phone was jailbroken. When you run a utility such as redsn0w on an iOS device, it installs the jailbreak app store called Cydia. Cydia is where you have to download all of the jailbreak tweaks, utilities, and apps. If you are a developer, you can sell your apps in Cydia for free, but if you are a consumer, prepare to have to sort through clutter.

Cydia has a nice concept, but they need a redesign. Developers have Google AdSense ads embedded in their download pages, most don’t include screenshots, and payments are less than simple. Cydia needs a simple way of viewing what apps it has to offer, not a cluttered mess of nothing. When you want to search for a tweak in Cydia, it is cluttered and complex. Tweaks all have the same icons, things don’t have proper names, and it takes too long to load.

Overall, I enjoy the experience of jailbreaking my iPhone. It allows to customize menus, features, and the overall look of my phone. I don’t like Cydia though. It is overly cluttered and useless. It makes it too hard to find anything and some apps don’t even show up on my Springboard. I hope the developers of Cydia opt for a redesign soon.

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