This question was asked by Chapman, and he says “What’s the best anti-virus software to use on my Windows computer that has a virus?”

I’m a Mac user, so anti-virus software is a foreign concept for me, but most of the world uses Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Windows is more prone to viruses for a few reasons. When hackers develop viruses, they want to be able to deploy them to a large amount of people who don’t know what they’re doing. They want to put the virus on someone’s computer who is unaware how to remove the virus or what they did wrong. Most Mac users are pretty computer savvy, so that would be a lost cause. Another reason Windows is targeted is because it’s more vulnerable, meaning less secure. The Mac operating system is locked tight because of Apple’s security and built-in [hidden] anti-virus software. Unfortunately, Windows does not have that luxury… So we have to turn to anti-virus.

As far as software goes, I would most definitely stay away from any anti-virus that you have to pay for. Softwares like Norton and McAfee have been known to give you viruses and generally waste your money. A software that I like very much and has never caused me problems is called AVG Anti-Virus. The software is free and always detects errors without flaw.

Now, you can download AVG from their website for free, but if your infected computer is not going to allow you to download, you’ll have to bring another computer into the equation. On the non-infected computer, download AVG to a flash drive. Downloading software to a flash drive is simple:

  1.  Insert the flash drive into the non-infected computer and go to the download site.
  2. Most web browsers will ask you where you want to save the .exe file. Select the option to save the file to your flash drive. 
  3. Once the download is complete, plug the drive into the infected machine and run the .exe file. It will then install AVG on your computer and fix the problems. 

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